Sports Medicine & Lameness


Lameness Exam

A lame horse may have an obvious problem, like a non-weight bearing or swollen leg, or a more subtle lameness. We use a variety of techniques to help identify the source of a lameness including physical examination and palpation, checking the hooves for soreness with hoof testers, gait assessments, flexion tests, nerve and joint blocks.

Digital Radiography

At FVC, we have portable x-ray units that can be taken to the farm or used at our clinic. Our digital radiography allows us to view the radiographs right away on a laptop computer while still at the farm. These high-quality x-ray images can be easily sent to other veterinarians or specialists for a second opinion or consult via email.


This valuable diagnostic tool uses sound waves to evaluate soft tissues like tendons/ligaments, the reproductive tract, and swellings/lumps. It is painless and non-invasive. Ultrasound exams can be done at the farm or at our clinic.


Veterinary Spinal Manipulation Therapy: A heath care modality used to identify areas of decreased motion in the body and increase range of motion/movement to those joints. VSMT can be utilized for maintenance, as an adjunct therapy, to help athletic performance, and for reduction of pain/discomfort.


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